Auto Accidents

The vast majority of the people are the victims of auto accidents, at some point during their life time. Major injuries are easily detected and treated with out delay, but whiplash injuries to soft tissues are not visible immediately as their symptoms may develop over a period of time. It is here, where Acute Chiropractic Clinic can help you. Our skilled Physicians detect the symptoms before they become evident and provide early treatment for whiplash injuries.

After determining the source of pain and detecting the symptoms, our Chiropractors construct a personalized plan of care that includes:

  • Specific, gentle and pain free Chiropractic manipulations and adjustments of the cervical and lumbar spine.
  • Massage therapy and therapeutic Exercise are used to enhance motion and mobility.
  • Exercises for postural correction, muscle strengthening and neurological rehabilitation are practiced to recondition the musculature and neurological system.

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