Back Pain

Pain in the back due to whiplash injury is the most common complaint in chiropractic practice. Back pain treatment is one of the specializing areas of chiropractors. A whiplash injury can cause pain in different sections of back but there are still some common areas of complaints and those are diagnosed and treated effectively at Acute Chiropractic Clinic. These common areas of complaint are as follows:

Low Back Pain:

Pain in the lower region of back occurs due to whiplash, tension, irritation, sprains and strains as well. The problem is diagnosed through investigating patient's history and at times through x-rays and MRIs if some serious pathology is seen.

Slipped Disc:

Slipped Disc problem happens when a disc protrudes beyond its normal limits and exercises pressure on the nerves exiting through spine. It can lead to neurological symptoms in the legs. Such type of pain increases with bending and posture gets leaned to one side.

Lumbar Spondylosis:

It is chronic condition indicating osteoarthritic changes in low back joints along with narrowing of intervertibral disk. It occurs due to excess burden on joints, age related deformities and injuries such as fractures or dislocations. This disorder causes back pain along with pain upper leg and also results in poor movement or mobility.

Causes of low back pain and injuries

  • Improper Posture
  • Standing, sitting, bending and twisting for long hours
  • Poor lifting techniques while stooping and rotating the lower back region>
  • Traumas due to accidents, falls and knock and whiplash injuries.
  • Obesity as it deforms the posture and put pressure on the back

At Acute Chiropractic Clinic, patients with back pain are treated by practicing following techniques:

  • Spinal manipulation or mobilization techniques are practiced to restore joint functioning.

Stabilization and Therapeutic exercises including customized stretching and strengthening exercises are administered for the treatment for back injuries occurred due to sprains.

  • Functional neurological exercises along with foot orthotics may be administered.
  • Massage therapy, flexion - distraction and mechanical Traction
  • Therapeutic advice along with patient education is departed.