Specialties of Acute Spine Therapy & Rehab

Physical therapy chiro clinic for auto work slip fall injury Specialize in Auto / Work/ Slip or Fall injuries:

Even minor auto accidents, slips or falls or work related injuries can lead to months of pain and discomfort. Prescribed pain killers subside pain by targeting its symptoms not the source. We at Acute Spine Therapy & Rehab Chiropractic Clinic focus on treating the source of your pain. We specialize in designing effective patient care and treatment plans to treat any of your neuro musculoskeletal injuries resulting from traumatic vehicle collisions and work related injuries. Our board certified doctors of Chiropractic employ patient proven Chiropractic techniques which are mainly focused on mobilizing the injured segments of your bones and soft tissues and get you back on the road of better health.

Physical therapy chiropractor online appointment Welcome Same Day Appointments/ Walk-ins:

We cater to walk-ins and same day appointments. You just have to contact at our office number to schedule an appointment or you can walk in and our cooperative and friendly staff will schedule you a convenient appointment with one of our doctors. Do not delay, if you are suffering from severe pain. Our acknowledged and professional doctors will function promptly to relieve your current discomfiture and provide appropriate care to check further harm.

Attorneyassignment accepted chiropractic clinic Accept Attorney Assignment / Work closely with Attorneys:

We have extensive experience of working closely with attorneys on the behalf of our patients. We help our patients to get better access to quality and holistic care and as well ensure their access to affordable pain management and injury rehab services. We also provide top notch documentation to assist your case.

Free Court Appearances Free Court Appearances:

We frequently provide expert witness testimony in courts. As our patients' health and well being are our top most priorities and as well, we firmly believe that all our patients deserve access to quality and affordable care, so we proud to stand for them in court to ensure that they receive the care they deserve and entitled to.

Neurological testing treatment clinic md Utilize a Network of Board Certified Orthopedics Surgeons / Neurologists:

We have links with reputed and board certified orthopedic surgeons and neurologists, who, if needed offer consultation services to our patients. Our consulting dignitaries are proficient in all the structures of neuro musculoskeletal system and help our patients to achieve quality life and health by offering their valuable opinion and support.

Acute spine rehab physical therapy Se Habla Espanol
MD chiropractic chiro chiropractor clinic center location Conveniently Located/ Modern Facility:

We are located at in Maryland at Gaithersburg, providing our patients with best and state of the art chiropractic care. Our friendly and bi-lingual staff is always ready and dedicated to help you out with any of your treatment related queries. You can contact us for any of your musculoskeletal injuries and problems at our conveniently located clinic in Maryland.