Chiropractic and Physical therapy Services for all your Accident Related Injuries & Needs in Gaithersburg

At Acute Spine Therapy & Rehab Chiropractic Clinic, we offer extensive treatment for whiplash injuries to help our patients to relax and get their bodies back to normal functioning condition. Chiropractic treatment not only relieves the patient from the immediate discomfort or pain that they have to suffer due to whiplash but also prevents the recurrence of the same, thus improving patients' health.

At Acute Spine Therapy & Rehab Chiropractic Clinic, we extend state- of the- art treatment to the patients. We utilize following contemporary techniques and equipments to detect and diagnose whiplash injuries:

  • A private consultation with one of our Licensed and experienced Doctors of Chiropractic
  • A thorough and complete Musculoskeletal examination; comprising Orthopedic, Neurologic tests
  • Diagnostic imaging using X- Ray, MRI and CAT scans

We provide quality care for:

  • Auto Accidents

    The vast majority of the people are the victims of auto accidents, at some point during their life time. Major injuries are easily detected and treated with out delay, but whiplash injuries to soft tissues are not visible immediately as their symptoms may develop over a period of time.

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  • Work Related Injuries

    Injuries not only occur during auto accidents or sporting events but they can happen even at work places. Work related injuries limit a workers capacity as well as the ability to perform his or her designated task or duty.

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  • Headaches

    Whiplash injury to neck and spine can cause headaches. Most of the patients go for medication and pain relievers to relieve pain. But these drugs only treat the pain not the cause of pain.

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  • Back Pain

    Pain in the back due to whiplash injury is the most common complaint in chiropractic practice. Back pain treatment is one of the specializing areas of chiropractors.

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