Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

Modern livings hectic schedules including long driving hours and prolonged hunching or stooping over computer tables and above all, a whiplash causes great harms to our neck. Chiropractics can efficiently deal with recurrent neck pain due to whiplash by thoroughly examining and assessing the 'triggers' of neck pain. At Acute Chiropractic Clinic our doctors will perform complete physical examination including general posture and flexibility exams. Orthopedic and muscles' tests are also administered to detect weakness of neck muscles. After the complete diagnosis, below mentioned treatment options are discussed with the patients:

  • Gentle spinal adjustments, manipulations and mobilization techniques are employed to lessen the inflammation and irritation.
  • Gentle soft tissue massage is recommended and practiced.
  • Rehabilitative exercises comprising stretching and dynamic therapeutic exercises are administered.

Arm and Hand Pain

Arm and Hand Pain has one thing in common i.e. they can occur due to spinal problems and whiplash injuries. Injuries and pain to major muscles, veins, tendons and joints of arms and hands occur due to the frequency and manner in which they are used. The doctors at Acute Chiropractic Clinic go for complete clinical examination to properly diagnose your arm and hand pain. There after a treatment module consisting below listed techniques is developed:

  • To mobilize the stiff joints and to restore complete functioning specific manipulation procedures are used and practiced.
  • Soft tissue therapy and massage treatments are employed.
  • Muscle release techniques and mobilization exercises are used to correct muscle imbalances.
  • Functional neurological exercises and therapeutic exercises are practiced.
  • Counseling regarding proper ergonomics, diet, nutrition and postural patterns is forwarded.