Work related Injuries

Injuries not only occur during auto accidents or sporting events but they can happen even at work places. Work related injuries limit a workers capacity as well as the ability to perform his or her designated task or duty. These injuries do not occur at construction sites and at workshops only, they can occur at offices also. Regular improper posture and poor ergonomics can lead to chronic pains and injuries. Sprains and strains on the back and spine are the most common work related injuries. If you are suffering from any of these injuries, Acute Chiropractic Clinic can help you by employing the following techniques:

  • Chiropractic adjustments are employed to bring relief to back and neck pain and migraines as well.
  • A combination of massage, Manual therapy and hands- on adjustments are practiced to help relieve pain.
  • A complete exercise module is planned and suggested to strengthen and support the spinal muscles.
  • Spinal mechanics to prevent the episodes of whiplash injuries in future are also instructed.
  • Work place ergonomics, FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) and WH (Work Hardening) modules are designed and discussed with the injured workers.